• NOBEL Prize 2016

    NOBEL Prize 2016


    The Nobel Peace Prize is considered one of the world’s highest honors. And to commemorate this noteworthy event, an amazing laser show was performed during the Nobel Peace Price Concert in Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway, to add to the reflective mood and atmosphere surrounding the award ceremony. Laserteknikk AS (www.laserutleie.no), one of Norway’s premier laser, lighting, and special effects companies were brought in to assist with the lighting related aspects of the concert, alo...

  • What is a laser show

    What is a laser show


    Ask just about anyone, and they will agree that laser light is considerably the most beautiful light source available. And as a performer, you will find that laser is a very versatile medium that allows you to create a wide variety special lighting effects and laser shows. A laser show can take many forms as we will describe below. But in general a laser show is a display combining laser light, music and at times other multimedia elements (such as LED lighting, video, pyro and more) to create a...

  • Types of Laser Shows

    Types of Laser Shows


    Laser beam and aerial effects Laser beams and aerials are considerably the most common type of “effect” created with laser. They generally consist of laser patterns and shapes that are combined or synchronized with music, and then projected from a standard laser show projector. These effects are most often programmed in software, and then run “live” to the beat of music, or “pre-programmed” and then played from of a timeline. Laser beam and aerial effects are generally broken down into a few bas...

  • Understanding Laser Show Setups

    Understanding Laser Show Setups


    To begin, lets look at some examples of laser shows that are commonly created throughout the industry. Beam shows and effects Laser graphics and images To create shows like these, you need to begin by deciding what type of laser control hardware works best for your specific needs. Everyone has different requirements, and understanding laser control hardware and how it connects to the laser projec...

  • Designing Laser Shows

    Designing Laser Shows


    HOW TO DESIGN A LASER SHOW What laser show software is right for you In order to create a real laser show, you need laser design and control software. These programs are required in order to create laser shows and effects, like the ones we described above. There are two industry standards for laser design software. These are called QuickShow and BEYOND. A brief overview of both is noted below: QuickShow – Powerful, affordable and easy to use, QuickShow is considerably the world’s most wid...

  • Burning Man 2016

    Burning Man 2016


    Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis for the Burning Man Festival, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. The Burning Man Festival is well known for bringing out some of the most creative lighting minds across the United States, to help power the event. And lasers have always been at the forefront of lighting for the Burning Man Festival, adding that special “WOW&rdquo...

  • Laser Show Projectors Explained

    Laser Show Projectors Explained


    What is a laser projector To provide a simple definition, laser show projectors are any laser system which projects laser output for entertainment purposes. Most entertainment laser projectors generally consists of one or more laser sources (red, green and blue) which are combined together with an optical scanning system and various drive electronics, and then integrated into a laser housing. This allows for the projection of 2D and 3D laser content and objects. Laser projectors (as noted above ...