SMPTE timecode reader / writer class= SMPTE timecode reader / writer

SMPTE timecode reader / writer


For installations that require synchronization with other media, like audio, video, pyrotechnics, etc., our TC2000 hardware is a great solution.

The TC2000 uses the standard SMPTE timecode methods for sycronization. The TC2000 works as both a SMPTE writer and SMPTE reader. The timecode is recorded on one audio track by the hardware’s SMPTE writer, and later at playback time, this audio track is read and decoded by the hardware’s SMPTE timecode reader.

Product Overview

Some installations require coordination with music and control signals. This is most often done using SMPTE timecode.

The timecode will be recorded on one audio track. Then, at playback time, the timecode audio is read and decoded by a SMPTE timecode reader device.

In reading mode, the TC2000 decodes incoming SMPTE timecode and passes it to BEYOND or LD2000 software. Playback of your laser show is then locked to the incoming SMPTE timecode. If timecode stops, the laser show stops (alternatively, you can set the show to continue “freewheeling”). Once timecode starts again, the laser show and starts again.

In writing mode, the TC2000 outputs a SMPTE-encoded audio signal. Typically, you would then record this on another recording device. Software to control the TC2000 is built right into Pangolin’s BEYOND and LD2000 software, and you can set playback to be controlled by SMPTE. You’ll see the incoming SMPTE timecode, and the laser show will follow the timecode exactly.