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LivePRO is like a synthesizer for laser shows, allowing accomplished laserists to make an enthralling visual experience live and in real time.

LivePRO includes over 1700 preset cues that you can layer (up to four beam and graphic cues at once) while allowing you to change cues in smooth transitions such as morphing, fading, zooming, etc.

Product Overview

In live music, the beat is the key. You can listen to the beat and play LivePRO manually using the computer keyboard, or you can allow LivePRO to run itself using LivePRO’s music detection system to automatically trigger cues according to the patterns that you define.

While these automatic functions are running, you can change additional parameters manually – or just sit back and enjoy the show.

LivePRO will work on the QM2000 and FB3QS and FB3SE hardware platforms.