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SMS 2 Laser


Imagine the excitement when people in your audience can send a text message, and then see it displayed in laser, in real time! Well, dream no longer, because Pangolin’s SMS2Laser software makes this a reality.

Using SMS2Laser, clients simply text a message into the system and this is then rendered instantaneously in laser output. In addition to this, you can also run Text to Win promotions, SMS voting promotions, and more.

SMS2Laser will also store the cell phone number of clients who opt into the system so that you can follow up with them later, letting them know about other events, promotions, or offers you have taking place.

The system comes complete with the SMS2Laser, IMU/VMU and LivePRO software, GSM modem, tutorial DVD set and manual. We also include FREE shipping with the order.

** This system requires you to already own an existing piece of Pangolin hardware, such as a QM2000 or FB3. When ordering, please be sure to provide us with the Serial Number of your Pangolin hardware, so that we can license the SMS2Laser software to it.

Product Overview

The SMS2Laser product allows people to send a text message, and for that text message to be displayed in laser to the public (on all types of different surfaces) for everyone to see. SMS2Laser is great in live settings such as nightclubs, concerts, sporting event, and festivals.

It comes with the SMS2Laser software, as well as Pangolin’s LivePRO software included, so this a great combination package for laser users.

Hardware Compatibility:

• SMS2Laser will work with the QM2000 hardware and on all of the Flashback 3 hardware options.

The SMS2Laser package includes a GSM modem for FREE.