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Scotty II

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The evolution of the Legendary Green SCOTTY I brings us now to SCOTTY II. Haze without pre-heating time and of the main power lines. Compact-sized fog machine. Extremely handy for any situation. Allows one-handed operation. Adjustable output. Fog within 1 second. Fog time when fully charged: 10 minutes continues for or 150 haze-blows from 5 seconds which can be controlled by the button on the top. Re-chargeable battery 12v/12Ah. Analog input for cable or radio remotes. DMX control optional.

Product Specifications

Type vaporizing fog generator
Power 400 Watt
Power requirements 12 V via battery (Charger 100-240V)
Fluid bottle capacity 250 ml
Fog emission variable via pot
Fog time: continuous for 10 min, 150 bursts of 5 sec.
Control stand alone, analog 0-10V (DMX optional)
Heat-up time 1 second
Fluid consumption ~10 ml/min. (max. output)
Weight 5,75 Kg
Dimensions 22x10x21cm