LASORB ESD absorber class=

LASORB ESD absorber

LASORB is the world's first and only electronic component guaranteed to protect laser diodes from direct and indirect electrostatic discharge (ESD) and power surges.

It was developed in 2008 by Pangolin President and CTO William R. Benner Jr., and received an ILDA award for technical achievement. LASORB protects laser diodes, super luminescent diodes, and LED's from single, multiple and repeated ESD events, of both positive and negative polarity.

LASORB's primary means of protection is a slew-rate detector that monitors the voltage across the pins of the laser diode. If there is a fast change in voltage detected, this triggers LASORB to aggressively conduct the current (and thus voltage) away from the laser diode.

We manufacture a variety of LASORB components, optimized for Red, IR, Blue, and Green laser diodes. We can also make adjustments to LASORB to meet customer requests. Many of the world's leading laser companies, in both entertainment and industrial laser applications trust LASORB to protect and extend the lifetime of their laser diodes. Make sure your lasers are protected by LASORB!


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