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QM2000.net Laptop Box

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The QM2000.NET Laptop Box is an ideal way to control your laser projectors from a laptop, using a network connection.

This sturdy laptop-friendly box includes the power supply and the Network Adapter Board. This box can be connected to your local network or directly to your computer. The size of this small box is 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches (19 x 19 x 3.8cm).

The QM2000.NET Laptop Box is great if you want to expand the number of projectors controlled, or create largescale shows using numerous laser projectors. The .NET Laptop box works with standard 10/100 Ethernet cables.


Product Overview

The .NET Laptop Box houses your existing QM2000 board, so that you can run it outside of the standard PCI card slot. Simply install an existing QM2000 board into the .NET Laptop Box, or purchase a .NET Laptop Box when ordering a new QM2000 board, and we’ll do the integration for you.

Note that some QM2000 boards may require an upgrade, in order to work in .NET configuration:
• QM2000 boards under serial number 3400 will not be able to work in a .NET configuration.
• QM2000 boards under serial number 7400 will require a .NET upgrade in order to work in a network configuration.
• QM2000 boards over serial number 7400 will work in a .NET configuration without any upgrade required.

If you are interested in updating an existing QM2000 board to work in a .NET configuration, please contact us. We have service and support facilities around the globe, and can help facilitate this process for you.