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ScannerMax Compact-506

For client’s who need a high-performance optical scanning system at an affordable price, the Compact-506 is an ideal solution. The Compact-506’s low coil resistance allows it to achieve exceptionally fast scan speeds, without producing access heat inside the galvo. And our patented position sensor design produces ten times the signal-to-noise ratio, offering client’s exceptionally high-quality motion. The Compact-506 provides performance on-par with the most expensive conventional optical scanning systems, at a price point that is one-tenth the cost. Compact-506 optical scanning systems are also integrated into a wide variety of lasers, that are offered by Pangolin. You can see these lasers and more, at The Compact-506 also won a first place ILDA Award for Technical Achievement and product quality, in 2014.


Product Overview

NOTE ABOUT SERVO-AMPLIFIERS (i.e. Drivers) – To help make the Compact-506 even more cost-effective, we have built this galvo in such a way, that it work work with a third-party servo-amplifier. This helps bring the overall cost of a complete scanning system down dramatically. If you have an existing servo-amplifier design, we can work with you to configure that design, to support our galvos. Alternatively, we also have various third party amplifiers, which we can recommend and source for you, that work well with this system.

  • This offer includes the Compact-506 XY pair, mirror, and XY mount.
  • Mirror options include 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10mm.
  • When place the order, please note your desired mirror configuration, in the order notes section.