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The VRAD 506 Actuator is a great device to use as a mechanical shutter, beam block, optical shutter, chopper or deflector, inside of any laser show projector, or related laser device. This product is widely integrated inside of professional level laser projectors (such as those offered by Pangolin, at, and our VRAD platform won an ILDA Award for Technical Achievement in 2012 for product quality and innovation. The VRAD-506 can be purchased separately here, to integrate into exiting laser projectors or laser device designs.


Product Overview

Click Here, for detailed information about the VRAD-506, including the official datasheet.

The VRAD 506 actuator is a very compact, limited rotation Versatile Rotary Actuator Device featuring a magnetic spring return, wide-angle capability, and linear angle-versus-current profile. The high coil resistance allows for low power consumption, and access to two individual drive coils allows flexible single-supply unidirectional or bidirectional operation as well as dual-supply operation. The VRAD 506 actuator provides more than +/-25 mechanical degrees of rotation with only +/-5 volts applied to a single coil or to the series combination of coils. An internal rear shaft allows for use of an encoder or position sensor for closed loop operation.